Ganeti is a virtual machine cluster management tool built on top of existing virtualization technologies such as Xen or KVM and other open source software. Ganeti requires pre-installed virtualization software on your servers in order to function. Once installed, the tool assumes management of the virtual instances (Xen DomU). Ganeti controls

Ganeti is designed to facilitate cluster management of virtual servers and to provide fast and simple recovery after physical failures using commodity hardware.


Ganeti provides the following features for managed instances


The Ganeti documentation is hosted at http://docs.ganeti.org and includes an Installation tutorial as well as all man pages.

Getting Ganeti

Ganeti is open source. The public git repository and the repositories of related projects can be found at http://git.ganeti.org, or simply

git clone git://git.ganeti.org/ganeti.git

Release tar balls and other related information can be downloaded from http://downloads.ganeti.org.
They are signed with the Ganeti Release Signing Key 6AA8276A

Packages are available for:

General discussion

General discussions about Ganeti take place on the ganeti mailing list / forum.

There's also an IRC channel: #ganeti on Freenode


Development is done on the ganeti-devel mailing list.

The Development Process and other relevant information is described in the Wiki.

Bugs are tracked on our public issue tracker.